Scorpio Horoscope 2015

Scorpio Horoscope 2015: General Predictions

Scorpio horoscope 2015 indicates that compared to previous years, 2015 can be termed as a better one in all aspects. As per your horoscope 2015 for Scorpio, you would be able to invest your earnings for the future. Some of your friends/colleagues may help you in guiding you to generate income. In 2015, marital relationship needs to be taken care of. If you are starting a new business, 2015 is a good one for you. Scorpio horoscope 2015 suggests you to go ahead without any hesitation. Keep an eye on your partners in business dealings. Some of the natives may be likely to change their job. Progress and prosperity are on cards, astrology 2015 predicts. Gains in profession or business, through mother or people from the maternal side are likely. Horoscope 2015 predicts no threat for reputation. Astrology 2015 for Scorpio suggests you to keep your valuables at a safer place. Loss of wealth, property is on cards if you are not careful. According to the 2015 astrology, some of you may face bereavement from loved ones. As per astrology 2015, you need to take additional care while communicating with others. Do not use harsh words. As per 2015 astrology horoscope, some of the natives may acquire jewelry, car or a fixed asset during the year. Those in the field of legal profession may fare well.

Scorpio Horoscope 2015: Business - Career

You may get new opportunities that may demand new skills and new knowledge. In the first half of the year, a businessman may continue to cooperate with overseas colleagues the way it began in the year of 2013. Probably, it may require much more time and effort, than it was supposed to in the beginning, so it is necessary to consider everything and to make calculations beforehand. As per Scorpio 2015 horoscope, the business may continue to expand with multiple activities regarding office repairing and also complex business renewal. An employee may have good opportunities and perspectives, which may demand new knowledge and hard work. You may get interesting offers connected with foreign companies, study in another city or country. In the second half of the year, however, things may change for the worse. Scorpio 2015 astrology foretells that cooperation with overseas colleagues may be thoroughly revised. An employee can become a victim of professional intrigues and may think of exploring new possibilities. A lot of these opportunities/changes may appear at the end of 2015 or in the beginning of 2015. The most difficult time is the end of October, November and December; when these changes will influence your decisions.

Scorpio Horoscope 2015: Finance

As per your Scorpio 2015 horoscope, may face an unstable financial situation this year. You’ll be suffering from large expenses in the entire year. Some of you may develop the business and solve professional problems; others may spend for their personal purpose. Scorpio 2015 astrology foretells that dealings in land and property are not likely to be favorable to you. Speculation is not likely to benefit your finances this year.

Scorpio Horoscope 2015: Love - Relationships

2015 is likely to be favorable for you. Love life is likely to give you intense pleasure, as per your Scorpio horoscope 2015 predictions. You may have to stay away from your loved ones for a brief period in the 2nd half of 2015, however your love is likely to be strong and you would enjoy every moment of it. Scorpio 2015 astrology forecasts that your private life may appear to be more important than work and career. It is absolutely clear that a love affair began in the past is serious enough, so you can’t ignore it. The stars may support any effort in this direction and may protect true and sincere unions. In many families, there may be problems with children that may demand much sympathy and financial expenses. Lonely persons not only have a great time, but also get an opportunity to meet a special person that may brighten up their life. Changes are indicated in relationships after June – July 2015 both for new unions, as well as for already existing couples. As per horoscope 2015 for Scorpio, relationships with relatives may change and in the end of the year as more serious problems may appear. In November and December, you may be criticized by people that are near and some accurately concealed secrets may be revealed to the public.

Scorpio Horoscope 2015: Health

In the first half of 2015, the energy level is quite high and the risk of diseases are minimized. Acute conditions and new unexpected illnesses are quite probable at the end of the year 2015. Your weak areas in 2015 are the digestive system and the circulatory system.

Let’s have a look at the prediction 2015 for individual stars consisting Scorpio:

Vishakha Horoscope 2015

According to the Scorpio astrology 2015 forecast, you may be likely to get involved into some troubles. You have to avoid arguments and distance yourself from troublesome areas. Horoscope 2015 advises you to take care of your health. Some of you may have to be away from your birth place. Distance yourself from unworthy persons, as your social honor may be at stake. Exercise more care while driving vehicles as injuries are indicated by Scorpio 2015 astrology. You have to take utmost care of your health.

Anuradha Horoscope 2015

High ambition and growth is seen by Scorpio horoscope 2015, related to career. Increase in travel and benefits due to communication are likely. As per your 2015 astrology, investments related to land and property will be beneficial in the 2nd half of the year.

Jyeshta Horoscope 2015

Communication may cause hindrance and obstacles in your path to achieve success. Loss of wealth/theft is indicated by 2015 astrology for Scorpio in the 2nd half of the year. Loss of wealth by speculation and trading is also possible, as per astrology 2015 predictions.

Scorpio Horoscope 2015: Suggestion & Remedies

Scorpio horoscope 2015 advises you to perform remedies of Mars for overcoming the obstacles.

  • Worship the ruling deities Kartikeya and Hanuman.
    The Kartikeya mantra: "Om Saravanabhavaya Namah"
    The Hanuman mantra: "Om Ham Hanumate Namah"
  • Recite Kartikeya Stotra or Hanuman Chalisa.
  • Japa of the Mars mantra: Om kram kreem kroum sah bhaumaya namah, 7000 times in 40 days.
  • Recite the Mangala stotra.
  • Charity: Donate Masoor dal (red lentils) on Tuesdays.
  • Fasting: On Tuesdays.
  • Pooja: Kartikeya pooja or Rudrabhishekha.
  • Rudraksha: Wear a 3 mukhi Rudraksha
  • Gemstone: Coral (Moonga)
  • Jadi: Anant Mool

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