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Human being is the highest form of evolution and is blessed with a direct link to the 'intelligent cosmic life force' that governs it and so can think and take action as per free will. He is in fact controlling his own destiny & future through his actions (mental & physical). Every action has a reaction and this is how the entire cosmos is linked into each other. A perfect mathematical formula is in play with automated outcomes leaving no scope for error. Vedic seers through their power of penance and meditation were able to decipher the secrets of the universe and tap into the vast reservoir of 'universal energy', making them highly charged super beings. They could become invisible at will, fly like birds and travel the entire galaxy in astral bodies and so on. What did they do to become so powerful? They attracted 'ENERGY' through concentration and established a perfect harmony with the 'universe'. Go with the 'flow' and not against it. In the interest of mankind, these Vedic seers revealed many secrets and actions that would generate specific 'reactions'. They recognized the link between planets, asterisms, constellations, 'sounds' (mantra), nature (elements), intelligent life (humans) and cosmic intelligence (divine). One such 'action' is the 'YAGNA' or a fire ritual that combines all the above elements to generate a powerful reaction, a dynamic interplay of energy. This very potent energy is diverted to a specific destination for a cause. There are several permutations & combinations of energy for various outcomes.

Does man realize of how blessed he is to adorn a human body and mind? Is he aware of his unlimited 'power'? He is the 'soul' and not the 'body' and the soul is linked directly to the 'Supreme Energy'. A direct gateway exists between him and an unlimited reservoir of 'universal energy'. But sadly, his mind is too occupied by mundane desires and struggles of earthly life to even try to open up that 'gateway to heaven'.

The soul is 'you' and you are 'energy'. Each individual is a formation of different magnitudes of energy depending on his level of evolution. Higher the energy level, more powerful and radiant is the person and his destiny. But mind you, if this energy is not balanced and channelized proportionately, extreme personalities are born who are as 'unbalanced' as their destinies are. Vedic seers recognized this truth long before civilizations came into being. Now the question arises, whether man is capable of handling and channeling this extremely potent 'life force'. The answer is a big 'NO' is most cases and loudly calls for the need of a 'Guru'. The secret to a perfect existence lies in 'harmony' with the universal force. In other words, man needs to distribute his energy equally through all aspects of his being. He needs to rise above his 'senses' and look at life from a higher perspective. Since the measure of energy is constant, it is natural that the scale of 'life' will tilt to an unbalanced position if the energy does not rest proportionately. Practically speaking, it is openly evident in this world that people who desire money with a single mind, lose out on family bliss and actually feel that 'void' at a later stage and vice versa. Whatever a soul yearns for, it gets but mostly the desire is so concentrated on just one particular aspect, that the souls horoscope in an incarnation (birth) imbibes that 'desire' which is reflected in one 'house' becoming overly strong. Too much of strength diverted to one particular 'house' in a birth chart is not good as it dilutes a lot other aspects of life. This is the reason, it has been said that 'be very careful of what you desire and avoid obsession'. Any desire is fulfilled if significant energy is directed in that direction. However, a balanced existence is a 'happy' and a 'blissful' one.

In other words the secret to a content and happy existence is refraining from any excessive indulgence and paying equal importance to all that life has to offer. Is it possible to balance the energy levels in ones life?

A horoscope is in fact a picture of the 'energy levels' in respect to various aspects of life that a soul is born with. Strong and weak 'houses' in a birth chart, clearly indicated where the problem lies and where success is assured. If the '7th house of marriage & relationships' is afflicted and weak in a horoscope, then the person will always face problems in that area of his life, no matter how many times he marries. The energy level in this house will be way below the acceptable mark. Thanks to the wisdom of the Vedic seers, such drawbacks and handicaps can be remedied through Vedic remedial actions by infusing fresh 'energy' through cosmic resources, one most effective remedy being the 'YAGNA' (Homa) ritual. It should be noted that infusion of fresh energy (Yagna), diverts many calamities, mishaps and misfortunes in a person's destiny as that 'void' in the horoscope has been filled. Similarly, many new joyous happenings are made possible by a 'Yagna' when it balances the energy levels in a horoscope. For example, a 'Santaan Gopal Yagna' makes progeny bliss a possibility as it charges the '5th house of children' and Jupiter, the main planet responsible for birth of children. In many cases fresh energy is also directly imparted by divine entities, ancestors, guru and the supreme 'Lord' if the person is worthy of such grace. The 'Yagna' in this case becomes the instrument again.

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