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"Nobody can take away your share of the destined 'booty' that you have earned through the 'karma' of many births and re-births. Come what may, that wealth is reserved for you and will be dispersed at a certain time, which may be through business, job or just plain inheritance. Astrology is the medium that identifies the magnitude and time frames of success"

Ganesha Predictions identifies 'three' categories of destinies that operate within this human world. The first one is a 'fixed destiny' whereby the person has incarnated primarily to reap the consequences of his past birth and so is merely a pawn in the hands of his own destiny. This pattern is signified when most planets are placed below the 'horizon' in a horoscope (between Ascendant & 7th House). In such a case, opportunities are few and the person usually spends his entire life in a routine 9 to 5 job, with minimal professional satisfaction. As the pattern manifests, he resigns to his fate and goes along the flow. But it should be noted that this category of 'fate' is not necessarily good or bad. Such people simply have to wait till the 'opportunity' is bestowed upon them so that the future can be further chartered.

The 'second' pattern denotes a more mature soul, with planets placed between the Ascendant and the 7th House of the horoscope. In such incarnations, the person is at an advanced state of 'evolution' and is trusted by the divine cosmic fraternity and hence is given the liberty of 'free will' whereby they have much potential at their disposal. Their creativity, vision and hard work will give a momentous direction to the future.Many talents have already been bestowed upon them and so they are offered an open playground to make significant impact on society and humanity. High profile Artists, Entrepreneurs, Business executives fall in this category. In such horoscopes, the wealth houses (2nd & 11th) are also usually well fortified signifying the accompanying wealth, riches & success.

The 'third' pattern is a mixed bag with planets both above and below the horizon of the horoscope. This shows that the soul is progressing on the right path and hence is a beneficiary of both past and present karma. He will be born with a lot and will also strive to acheive something significant. Such people crave to make an 'identity' of their own and will not bask in the glory of their parents or anyone. This is also a successful category and on right side of the cosmic forces. But a word of caution comes in here, as this incarnation is a 'test' imposed on them, which they must pass. Many people are born to wealthy parents, but waste away their life indulging in pleasures of money and lust, contributing nothing to this world. Such irresponsible existence will surely lead to a downfall in their evolutionary status.

In Indian astrology, the destined means of livelihood of an individual is derived by the study of the tenth house, tenth lord, influencing planets, both in the natal horoscope, moon & navamsa charts. Wealth is indicated by the disposition of the ascendant, 2nd house and 11th house.

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