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Live Astrology Consultation over SKYPE or Phone

Live Astrology consultation by phone/Skype is one of the most sought-after service, where you get to have a real time interaction with our expert Astrologers over SKYPE or phone.

Live Astrology is a great way to receive perceptive answers for the most significant questions in your life.

Key features of Live Astrology:

  • Live interaction with professional and experienced Astrologers
  • Appointment length: 30 minute
  • Our Live Astrology experts speak fluent English / Hindi and Punjabi.
  • Once payment has been made we will provide you the time slot as per availability and you will need to call us on the number provided by us or through SKYPE.

Everyone has concerns and questions about life, but often people do not know where to turn for guidance. People may be afraid to ask their question because they are too apprehensive to hear the answer. Or perhaps, people are looking for a reliable source but simply don't know who the trust. This is where the ancient wisdom of Vedic astrology can help.

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